What do Rosicrucians think of religion?

Rosicrucians do not lean toward any religion; although we do acknowledge all paths that are beneficial to the human race for personal moral and spiritual growth. Most religious dogma has been created by man: based upon a philosophy. The great avatars that the Divine has sent to us (Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, Jesus, and Zoroaster to name a few) have presented humanity PHILOSOPHY: they did not desire to be the object of worship – it is humanity that has turned much of the precious philosophies into religion.

As Rosicrucians, we strive to become one with Divinity through the study of the philosophy of natural law without the bonds of religion; although we are each free to follow a religious system if FB_IMG_1467937909387we so desire. We refer to the Divine as the “God of our Heart“. We do this via rigorous meditation and spiritual practices to strengthen the spiritual (psychic) centers dormant within each of us, which will eventually lead us to a state of Cosmic Consciousness and Peace Profound (Nirvana).

In the 10th initiate degree of our studies we learn about the major world religions. Within this particular cycle, we take an oath to never condemn any religious path and to defend any slander or action against any faith: as most faiths are indeed a spiritual path to the Divine for most people and a way of peace. After all, most people going to church, a synagogue, or a mosque are simply trying to become better people.  We are a community that promotes peace and harmony among all. Contention within theology is evil – and evil is simply something that is opposite of growth.  That being said, a great evil among us today is religious fundamentalism. It is not this or that religion that is the cause of suicide bombings and terrorism: it is fundamentalist thinking. This type of rationale must be avoided in one’s spiritual quest. Fundamentalism suppresses learning and growth and keeps one in encultured darkness.

“But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes”. 2 Timothy 2:23

There is an old saying: “Philosophy presents questions that may never be answered. Religion presents answers that may never be questioned”. May we ever strive to balance reason of the mind and faith of the heart; and to work towards the Rosicrucian goal of a universal faith for all.

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  1. sedulus says:

    Note that there are some Rosicrucian groups that do require a Christian faith for membership. AMORC is neutral on religious faith and urges members to follow the God of their understanding.

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