David and Goliath: a metaphysical view

The tale of David and Goliath can be also explained in a more metaphysical context.

Goliath represents the ego and physical body with all of its strength, unrestrained passions and misdirected senses. The man without direction of the higher self can become a destructive brute – dominating by force.

David represents the true higher self: the Master within – the pure soul – the pilot. This master’s consciousness is connected to the creator, as the soul is a spark of G_d.

What is important to understand here is that the Goliath was struck with a stone in the middle of the forehead – the seat of consciousness; which was cast by the true and superior spiritual self.

This is the goal for all of us while in this world: a spiritual alchemy to discipline and overcome the lower nature; with the spiritual triumphant.

Steve Johns MA, F.R.C.

About Steve J

M.A. Information Systems
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