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Take a moment each day to send love to the world

Rosicrucians have been teaching this for centuries. It has a new name now (Quantum), and is still very effective: spend time each day retiring to seclusion; and in meditation send thoughts of love throughout the world. This video with Greg … Continue reading

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This month’s link: The 7 Most Prescribed Drugs In The World And Their Natural Counterparts

Waking Times has a good article on natural substitutes for the most common medications on the market. The most popular pharmaceuticals are examined with thier matching natural remedies. A good read for those with hypertension, elevated cholesterol, pain, etc. Read the … Continue reading

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Earth’s magnetic pole shift: an explanation from NASA

From NASA News and Features. A popular question for these times is the issue of the possiblity of an Earth pole shift and the effects it could have on the world. NASA clears this up for us in this article from November … Continue reading

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A powerful solar cycle is coming: an article from NASA

We must also look to scientific research to keep abreast of future celestial events. This short article from NASA explains solar storms:

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From Newsgroup: alt.paranormal. By John Winston: Subject: What Is In Chemtrails? Oct. 7, 2011. A person on the internet recently asked me what is in Chemtrials. Here is an answer to the question. Chemtrails Exposed Comments Join The Exclusive … Continue reading

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Mind over Body

The Nature of our thinking activity automatically determines the nature of our bodily activity… there are pathways from autonomic nervous system to the glands, such as pituitary & adrenals. This means that a picture in our minds has impact on … Continue reading

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The mystery of the Antikythera Mechanism

  Discovered in 1901 in the Mediterranean Sea, the Antikythera Mechanism is one of the most puzzling artifacts today. Now on display at the Athens National Archaeological Museum, it has been dated from the 1st C. BCE and its function … Continue reading

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