Mentally creating

Beloved Imperator Ralph M.Lewis

“The mystic knows only too well the value and danger, the goodness and the evil, that lies in the power of mentally creating. We know that if we hold in our minds a picture and give it the vibrations of living possibility, and if we prophetically proclaim that it is to be or will be, we bring it about; we create it in the world of actuality, by transferring it from the world of reality to material manifestation. We know that as each hour of the day passes, the things which we have held in our imagination and which we now allow to pass into the chamber of mental alchemy are likely to be crystallized immediately in earthly form. We must, therefore, be pure minded. We must be pure and holy in our imaginary concepts. We must keep the chamber of mental alchemy so clear and so wholesome and of such a high standard that no evil thought, no evil admission, no unholy concept of our earthly imagination may take form there and grow and be born in the world of actuality.” H. Spencer Lewis


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“Rosicrucians are encouraged to visualize in the morning how we want the day ahead to go.”

– Grand Master Julie Scott, SRC. Rosicrucianism and Stoicism. Rosicrucian Digest Volume 96 Number 2 2018.

Let us all follow this valuable advice – I know from personal experience that we create what we want in our reality with our focused thought. I use this often in my daily work, and it is more effective when we use visualization with emotional intent – actually feeling the end result with the knowledge that IT IS DONE! Our monographs teach this from the very beginning; and this has changed my life in a very positive way and has given me a very strong inner power.

Remember always – as we receive good things from our inner work, let us share to bless others so they too may prosper from this: we then will be in harmony with the great law of nature that promotes equal compensation and balance.

L.L.L! Fiat LUX!

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Effectiveness of Cannabidiol Oil for Pediatric Anxiety and Insomnia as Part of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Report

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Ancient aliens?

Ancient aliens? Not all of it… Our ancient ancestors had a slightly different consciousness which enabled them to see through the veil: observing and interacting with the entities that exist in the other worlds. Most of (but not all, to be fair) of what we see in these ancient cave/rock paintings are records of shamanic interaction with those other worlds or, levels of consciousness.

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Illuminati Facebook ads

No doubt that you have seen those Illuminati Facebook ads. Fake. I emailed them for their hermetic affiliations. All I got was silence. I’m not buying their silly little trinkets.

However, the AMORC 10th degree initiation…

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“It was said by the ancients that the Gods above were eternally battling with the dragons of darkness below. This great war is the Armageddon of Christian theology, the last great war that is said to end the eternal conflict of human emotions.

The true student of occult philosophy knows that this battle must take place within himself when at last, with the sword of the spirit, he masters the dragon of passions, death, and degeneracy.

Man has within himself all the principles he worships as gods outside his own being… When we are able to realize this we will have solved the mystery of the Great War, the war that every individual must fight out for himself, with the higher nature to guide him and aid in his choice.”

~ Manly P Hall

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Jacques de Molay

Statue of King Henry IV in Paris. It was approximately on this spot in 1314, that Jacques de Molay, Templar Grand Master, was burned at the stake by order of the Pope. de Molay had foreseen and stated that the Pope would die within forty days; and the French king within a year. The prophecy had come true – the Pope within a month and the King within the same year, of a hunting accident.

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