Sex and Culture: J.D. Unwin – a thesis about how sexual revolution eventually erodes society

The Church (pick your Christian organization of choice here) promotes mortality and its positive effects on family and speaks out strongly against the opposites of it. Theology purports that immorality has a detrimental effect on a society eventually – presented here is some hard science to back it up. The following is an excellent article on one of the most detrimental trends in society – and the thesis is being proven in today’s social order.  Presented in the book is the finding that immorality is a cause of the fall of society within three generations; therefore chastity has a valuable effect. A post about this work was found on Facebook of all places; and posted there by a prominent teacher of the hermetic sciences, Mark Stavish – director of the Institute of Hermetic Studies.

> Sex and Culture. Summary quotes by J.D. Unwin

> The book, Sex and Culture 

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