…This Sun of the soul illumines our inner world just as the outer sun illuminates the outer world.

At the rising of the outer sun, the things of the visible world become gradually visible to us; likewise, at the rising of the inner Sun, the intellectual things of the spiritual world come to our understanding.

As the outer light lights the way of our wandering, so too the inner Light lights the way to salvation.

But, just as the outer eye of a person is exposed to different dangers, so it is the same for the inner eye.

This inner eye must be kept healthy, pure, and unaltered; then it can rise toward heaven just as the outer eye does. And just as the outer eye can regard the firmament, stars, and sun, so too the inner eye can see all of the heavens, angels, and even the Divine . . .

Withdraw your soul, your inner eye, from all things that are not of the Divine. Close it to the night of errors and prejudices, and open it only to the Sun of the spiritual world…

—KARL von ECKHARTSHAUSEN (1752–1803)


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