Ceremonial Magic: necessary?

To expand on a previous post: “A View on High Magick” Published on: Aug 8, 2017

Searchers who inquire about the Rosicrucian order, including those visitors to my local discussion group in Lorain County Ohio, frequently bring up the topic of high magick and ask: does this involve magic? My answer is always “no”. I explain that the Rosicrucian philosophy is just that: philosophy – and that we teach people how to use what powers are already in them and that there is little need for that popular magick and its associated risks. To expose oneself to invisible intelligent forces is a fools desire.

As for the spelling, throughout the decades I have seen the spelling of the subject vary: back when I was first investigating it myself while in high school in the 1980’s, it was spelled magick to differentiate it from the artists who practiced the entertainment variety. Now I do see the use of the word magic to describe this – and this is inaccurate. Anyhow, I have deduced over 30 years ago that the practice of magick could be dangerous if one had not first developed a fundamental psychic abilities through instruction in psychic technique, which would enable perception (however fundamental) of the invisible worlds. High Magick can be harmful: opening doors in the astral world when one is not spiritually and psychically prepared. Remember the simple truth – Like attracts Like: be careful what you desire. Of course, one has the right to practice high magick if so desired, but I must stress that this must be done with a competent and very experienced instructor, and only if one is morally and spiritually prepared.

Lately on one of our member’s forums, a beginner had asked the question if we of the order practice high magick and that the beginner had “interest in communing with demons”. This comment reeks of inexperienced ignorance – the members of the forum had responded with a collective “No” and had proceeded to explain that we all have the powers within us to enhance our consciousness and realize greater potential; but first we need to control our lower selves through ethics, pure thought, and that extremely important practice of meditation.

Personally, I have gained more in my esoteric life from meditation than any other avenue. Spirituality through my chosen religion has kept me accurate and protected from the left hand path. You have the right to worship what, how, or where you may; and I would suggest not to neglect religion as so many do today. Many cite organized religion as a means of control, so religion is now often rejected and viewed as a path for the gullible. This is accurate in our history, but not all religion is totalitarian: free agency and free thought is still very much promoted.

Gérard Encausse (better known as Papus), one of the founders of modern Martinism.

Gérard Encausse (better known as Papus), one of the founders of modern Martinism.

If the path or practice benefits you and others through your actions, then it is good. The simpler the path, the better: as the Buddha had finally found. He had experienced the two extremes of the opposite pillars, choosing the middle path of harmony. One of the fathers of Martinism, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin also referred to as “the unknown philosopher” had, in the complicated rituals of the the *theurgic practices of the Élus-Cohen in the 1770’s, suddenly stopped mid-ritual and shouted (paraphrase) “Why the complexity to know the Creator?!”. As Christian Rebissi stated in his article Martinism: History of a Traditional Order, “He [Saint-Martin] forsook theurgy—“the exterior way”—in favor of the benefits of “the interior way.” In fact, he considered theurgy to be dangerous, and angelic evocation far from infallible when conducted through “exterior” methods. We might even put into Saint-Martin’s mouth the following excerpt from a poem by Angelus Silesius, entitled Chérubinique:

Go away Seraphims, you cannot comfort me!
Go away angels and all that may be seen close to you;
I jump all alone into the un-created sea of pure Deity.

According to Saint-Martin, the implement and crucible of this mysterious
communion is the heart of humankind. He sought “to enter into the heart of the Divine and make the Divine enter his heart.”” (Rebissi, 2018).

So it is the inner work that brings us to higher potential, without the need for complex ritualistic practice. In this authors view, it is turning within via the practice of trained meditation that opens our perception, which enables one to learn the secrets of the Cosmic without risk, and in peaceful tranquility.

*To worship or commune with ritual. Catholic Mass is a form of theurgy. 


Rebissi, C. (2018). Martinism: History of a Traditional Order. Retreived April 8, 2018 from https://a6c7496c6b8edbef480d-0705b9b405db079f33377f2edb79d50b.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/02_rebisse01.pdf


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