Pyramids“In the home and in the business, let each man and each woman daily, nightly, or at every possible opportunity, petition the Cosmic for wealth of health, the wealth of mind power, the wealth of joy in living, the wealth of contentment that comes from adjusting ourselves to the conditions that surrounds us, and then slowly improving them. To the wealth of happiness that exists in our lives if we will but discover it; to the wealth of peace that the universe affords all its beings; to the wealth of life itself that permits us to know what we are, and that we are who we are – such petitions for wealth as these, followed by prayers of thankfulness for what we have, will daily attune the individual to the abundant wealth of the universe, and each will soon find that affluence and prosperity, health and happiness, material blessings and spiritual benedictions, are flowing freely and bountifully into the filling cup of life. Then each one of us will know what really constitutes wealth, and what is meant by the mystic when he seeks the attainment of wealth.”
Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C., 1883 – 1939

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