Divine Law

tree-of-knowledgeThere are numerous Rosicrucian organizations. The Fraternitas Rosae Crucis in QuakerTown, PA has included in its membership U.S. forefathers such as Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Abraham Lincoln. One of the best explanations of the Divine Law of Compensation (called Karma, according to AMORC) can be found with this group.

The Law of Compensation is explained here:

There is nothing particularly mysterious about the Divine Law. It is simply the Universal Operating Law of Creation. It is a Law of Universal Balance, a Law of Equal Exchange. Each great spiritual teacher of humanity has taught its basic principles and adapted them to the people of the time. While each of these interpretations may seem to vary since they were conceived for a specific time and group of people, the underlying Law does not, and cannot, change. Divine Law is unchangeable because it is the only Law that allows the present state of Creation to exist. There is nothing arbitrary about the Divine Law, since all existence is completely dependent upon its absolute perfection of operation.

There is order in all creation. For such order to exist, there must be a balancing Law of exact debits and credits in all facets of our Universe. We are all “reimbursed,” be it good or not so good, for every thought, desire and deed. This reimbursement will usually be in kind, although not necessarily so.

See the rest of the article from the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis here.

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