10,000 BC

PyramidsI recently rented a movie on my Amazon Fire TV – entitled 10,000 BC (Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures 2008): A fictional story of life from our early hunter-gatherer beginnings. The main event in the movie was a tribe’s forced involvement in the building of the Egyptian pyramids. Interestingly, it appeared to me that the writers were presenting a theory of the origin of the mysterious pyramid construction. Giant mammoths were used to haul the massive blocks of granite from the quarry to the construction site, and numerous slaves were used.
There is a point in the movie when the tribe is hiding in plain site within the slave populace in which one of the characters stated (commenting about the pyramid engineers): “They say that they came from the stars, others believe that they flew across the waters when their land sank into the sea”. This is in reference to the lost continent of Atlantis. The Rosicrucian order teaches that the origin of the land of Egypt is the Atalantian people, and that the Atlantians are the ones who built these massive structures with their advanced engineering technology. Besides building technology, esoteric knowledge was also used (but not shown in the movie) such as levitation. According to the Rosicrucian philosophy, high-level spiritual adepts were involved in the building of these great works, along with employed common men and women – not slaves like the history books purport. “The eye of the Snake” was also mentioned frequently in the movie. The snake is the Nile. The pyramids are a lasting testament of the great people of the Atlantian civilization.
The writers of the movie knew a thing or two…

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