Levels of conciousness

We have many levels of consciousness. We spend our days living in the lowest – the objective consciousness. This is the realm of the ego: the part that most of us that we identify with as the “I”; also referred to as the little self. It is the consciousness most closely related to the physical brain. As marvelous as it is, one will never understand ones’ self and the Creator though it alone.


Dass R. (1978). The Little Meditator. Journey of Awakening. p45.

In my many years of study and meditation I have found that knowledge arrives not only through reading books, attending lectures, or even introspection, but through direct communion with the egregore of the Rose Cross. In other words; from direct contact with the Cosmic and those who are “in tune” with it: the great fellowship. Those who are in communion with the Cosmic are like-minded and advanced souls who have risen to the higher conscious levels of mind who then transmit and share knowledge.  This knowledge is not transmitted verbally or through objective mind; rather, via the higher self – the Master within.


Ancient Roman writing: similar to the writing on the tablet in the vision. Retrieved from Dreamstime.com (2014)

In one of my latest contacts with the egegrore of the order, I had received a message. What it was, “I” do not know, but the inner Master understands it as the message was directed to it. My lower objective mind saw only ancient Roman(?) letters on a tablet, but my higher self is the target of the message and will use it to further my spiritual development – when the time is relevant to do so.

To learn, we must associate with those who are learning and practicing the teachings also. In the lessons as presented by AMORC, we experience the fellowship of the egregore; or the collective subconscious mind of all that is associated with the order. We come in contact with the egregore via our frequent ascents to the spiritual realms during meditation where we leave behind the objective physical mind and contact the higher levels of thought and being. There is a technique taught by the order, a guided meditation that enables us to contact the Cosmic (at first on a very basic level) and associate with the Cosmic in all of its glory and wonder.

Celestial Sanctum

Celestial Sanctum

In the higher degrees the technique is slightly modified to also establish a rapport to fellow seekers and the associated masters within the higher realms and transmit and receive learning and messages. The universe is a great hierarchy of evolving beings that within the higher mind associate and serve one another so that we all learn and grow together. We all are indeed one.

One will learn to recognize and experience the many levels of consciousness through dedicated practice of meditation. It does not happen quickly: a great amount of patience and perseverance is necessary to become skilled in meditation. One day, you will experience a stillness – a peaceful state in which one might experience a feeling of bliss. This author has experienced this many, many times and when this state is attained, one does not care to come back to the mundane – but we eventually must as we are here in this realm to gain experience and to overcome our karmic debts. Experience the multiple realms of consciousnesses within you: meditate frequently – every day is ideal: the more you do, you will slowly experience the ability to “go deeper” and to find that bliss and silent guidance within. In our busy society it is not always possible to retreat into the sanctum of meditation, but an effort does improve your ability to communicate with your higher self and those that guide us and plant the seeds of wisdom upon our psyche.

buddha bliss

Dass R. (1978). The Little Meditator. Journey of Awakening.

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