+ Creed For Happiness +

Beloved Imperator Ralph M.Lewis

Beloved Imperator Ralph M.Lewis

I shall begin each day Unafraid, and shall seek the wonderful gift that the day will bring to me.

I shall be guided by intelligence rather than belief, and shall see truth and ignore no fact.

I shall control my thoughts and guide them into the highest realm, holding my cherished ambitions and sacred ideals uppermost in my mind.

Throughout the day I shall enjoy all the beauty of my surroundings.

I shall glory in my associations and aspire to exaltation that comes with love of God and of Mankind.

I shall forgive freely before forgiveness is asked.
I shall harbour ill thoughts towards none.
I shall fulfil every trust.
I shall remain poised and serene in every trial, and face-each emergency without fear
I shall be friendly and courteous towards all.
To me each day will be one of kindly deeds and unselfish love.
I shall obey those in authority and give loyalty in all to whom loyalty is due.
I shall be clean in body, action and thought.
I shall revere my God and have the utmost respect for the religious convictions of my fellows.
To obtain the most from life I shall give the best I can give.
At all times will I enthrone service and eliminate the motive of gain.
I shall perform each tasks cheerfully.
I shall build and not destroy.
And so will I come to the end of each day with the satisfaction brought by service, serenity, kindness and love.
I shall go to my rest with the peace that comes from an untroubled mind and the memory of tasks well done.

Ralph M.Lewis

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