Correlation between Latter-Day-Saint ordinances and Rosicrucian teachings

Washington DC Temple

Northwestern corner of the LDS temple near Washington DC. Image captured by author in 2010.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons, practices the ordinance of sealing: families are “sealed” together by a high priest in the temple, so the family may live together in the heavens for time and all eternity. This act of love brings family members closer together and exhorts each one to live a more pure and devout life.

Surprisingly, it is this author’s opinion that the Rosicrucian teachings of the eighth degree as taught in AMORC do correlate to this LDS doctrine. To preserve the confidentiality of the Rosicrucian teachings as it is open only to worthy initiates (do not cast your pearls before swine or, the world), I paraphrase the following from the teachings.

We often exist  in this physical world with loved ones that live within a similar level of development as we do; therefore at the end of our life here we can continue to exist close together. One can say that this is a group of souls on the same level of being in the afterlife and that we can continue to be with them far longer and to incarnate with them again.

LDS Sealing Room

LDS Sealing Room

Hence, the practice of sealing in the LDS faith. As aforementioned, sealing families together enables family members to be together in the afterlife and continue in evolutionary development: assisting one another to eventually reach the moment of re-integration (salvation) with the Father, or the Cosmic, in the Rosicrucian definition of Diety. In the LDS definition, sealing is considered a great help to the human family, as it can keep faithful family members together not only in physical life, but in the numerous levels of existence in the spirit worlds. In the Rosicrucian ontology, initiation helps one to improve one’s consciousness; thereby improving and evolving the soul personality. This makes one a spiritual and philosophical leader in the family or social unit, thereby enabling spiritual direction for that unit and enabling soul evolution together.

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