Crucifixion – a symbol of liberation?

The most powerful religious events can be symbolical of a profound esoteric truth.

A cross with a dying man is also symbolic of the lower self or, lower animal nature, being discarded so that the true divine self can rise to higher consciousness. This is a process of obtaining cosmic consciousness and being reunited with the Logos – the source of our existence.

A symbol to be fully understood only by initiates of mystery schools and high priesthood, the crucifixion represents a significant step in spiritual evolution: the final casting away and starvation of the primal desires, thoughts, and habits of the lower physical body and mind, and being liberated from that base existence in this lowest world of the Tree of Life. One then advances to the next higher plane of existence to future personal soul growth. In the words of Manly P. Hall: “…Being the ancient symbol of the secret doctrine, the cross represents to the initiated that divine institution which, releasing the heavenly man from his animal part, launches the spiritual nature into the sphere of reality” (Mystic Christianity, 1928).

Crucifixion is the final trial of the great work: the subjugation of the lower self (the physical animal man) to the true soul or, master within.

For a good read on this subject read the chapter Mystic Christianity from the work of Manly P. Hall here.


Hall, M. P. (1928). Mystic Christianity. The Secret Teaching of All Ages.

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