The Master Within

Soul. The true self. Atman.

You are a combination of multiple bodies.

The mystic path teaches us the purpose of each, and how to perceive and strengthen each body. In this physical realm, we live our short lives that have been given to us so that we may gain experience in this tenth sphere of the tree of life, known in the Kabbalah as Malkuth; otherwise known as the physical Earth. The great and eternal law of Karma (sins and redemption in the Christian theology) dictates what our life will be in this realm: rich or poor, bond or free, happy or struggling. This is all based upon our past actions. Every action that we produce causes an effect(s) that we often do not perceive. We must be made aware of the effect that we have created by experiencing it from another viewpoint. This is the way the Mankind evolves his consciousness. In effect, his body also evolves into a finer vehicle so the spirit can better express itself in these lower worlds, thereby perfecting these lower spheres of existence.

The Master within, and the vehicles that the Master uses within various manifestations is the one who benefits from all experiences in it’s journey throughout these realms of existence. The Master within is your true self: the all-seeing-eye, the silent one, the “still small voice”. We indeed are all connected to the source of our origin, but we can not perceive it clearly while in this dense physical body. We see “through a glass darkly” (1 Corinthians 13:12). There is a reason for this – to gain experience. One must become proficient within one station before one is ready for greater responsibility in another.

How do we best come in contact with the all-wise Master within? Through meditation and disciplining the physical mind. The mind is the link between the physical and the higher worlds in which is our origin. The mind, with its animal appetites and impulses MUST be controlled or it will continue to run wild and stagnate our development. This is difficult to do when one reaches the early teen years, but eventually control over the mind is developed and one becomes aware of higher ideals.

We now exist at the most crystallized and material era of our world’s existence. This is part of the great cycle of manifestation that the Earth and Man are progressing through: we started in a more spiritual or, ethereal state and as time passed we had become more dense and solid. Material existence had brought forth the modern human intellect and domination of the physical world, but at a great price: the temporary loss of the ability to perceive the higher worlds of consciousness that surround us at this moment.

Throughout the duration of this long journey, the soul or, the Master watches and gains experience in the numerous realms of being. By living a life free of materially-minded lusts such as greed, sensuality, pursuit of entertainment and pleasures, the body becomes more purified and sensitive to the promptings of the true self that dwells within. These promptings come from the Master in the form of intuition. Intuition is obtained through meditation.

It is often a challenge to find a time and place for daily meditation due to our modern society and the rampant materialism and sensuality of our modern media. We must discipline ourselves to resist technology at times, especially the great distractor (as this author calls it) – the television in our homes. We are what we think – both Buddha and Christ said this; and what we allow into our mind will effect our ability of perception of the psychic wolds and how quick we obtain it.

Seek peace within your daily life. This includes quiet time with no distractions. Find time every day to contact your daily sanctum within meditation and you will come in contact with the egregore of the initiates and masters of higher planes of existence: and closer to your true expression – the Master within.

Image reference:

Mouserunner. (2012). Eye of Ra. Retrieved March 13, 2012 from

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