A dream of the human state

A dream that came to me one night: Attending the Lodge, I was presented with numerous pamphlets to read. I was studying fervently. One of high rank was speaking to me through a glass window:
a transparent wall separating the initiate from the master. I had difficulty
hearing him. He was garbed in white with gold trim around the collar; and his
face was obscured. He had put a yarmulke on my head and assigned me to reading a chapter from the second book of Moses, printed in Hebrew. As I was reading, I was distracted by a dark terrarium at my right. Within it, were plants and an abundance of insects. Appearing in the middle of this was a young baby child, a toddler, who was happily playing in the mire on the bottom of the terrarium. Upon the child crawled the insects – in the babe’s mouth were stinging bees. The bees did not harm the babe. The babe, trapped within the terrarium, was immersed within the mire and the insects, but was happily ignorant and continued to play. I opened the top of the terrarium and called to the babe and he looked towards me, but did not come. I repeatedly tried to lure the babe up towards me and the others who were now looking on and calling also, but the babe would not heed.

Upon introspection of the symbolism of the vision, I had determined that:

The babe was MAN.

The terrarium was the WORLD that man had created for himself.

The insects that polluted the babe were material and impure THOUGHTS.

The bees were words of GUILE that proceed from the vulgar and sting others.


Fiat Lux!

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3 Responses to A dream of the human state

  1. sedulus says:

    Upon further research, the bee is an ancient symbol of industry and progress. It would make sense to view the bee in this vision as a positive thing, as it could have meant growth and progress of the human condition.

  2. I dig your blog and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Over here: http://morpheouslounge.wordpress.com/

    • sedulus says:

      Thank you for the nomination. I shall put into practice “Dream Yourself Awake” – good advice!

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