Group Spirits

While reading a book by Max Heindel, The Rosicrucian Mysteries, it is mentioned that the group spirits that oversee each of the animal races have been known among even the ancient Egyptians. Group spirits are the archangel-level beings that rule the animal kingdom with its various sub-races of species. These spirits (we are not discussing gods such as Toth, etc. here) are carved and painted on the ancient Egyptian temples and tombs: often having an animal head upon a human body. These entities “…actually exist in the astral world, and are found to be much more intelligent than the average human” (Heindel, 1909).

We observe the result of group spirit control within animal species. Observing bird migrations for example, humans simply call it ‘instict’; however, there is a deeper underlying force to migration. The birds are under the jurisdiction and control of the group spirit assigned to that particular species, and that group spirit is the one who, behind the scenes, guides the little ones: furthering their evolution.

Heindel, M. (1916) The Rosicrucian Mysteries pp.82,83. Rosicrucian Fellowship. Oceanside California.

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