Ancient Aliens: an esoteric view

By Sedulus – Founder of Atrium Esoteric.

Exploring realms other than the physical, which requires a neutral, detached, and deductive methodology, will bring one a more informed insight.

In this article, I will illustrate the mystery of the ancient alien theory and explain the true identity of the so-called “ancient aliens”.

Could Man have been helped by extra-terrestrial beings from another physical world? Of course it is possible, but do not discount the fact of man being visited and helped by the higher hierarchies that shaped this world – such hierarchies that have transcended the material, physical form and exist on a higher plane of existence and consciousness.

Watching one of my favorite television shows, Ancient Aliens, hosted on the History Channel on the Dish Network as well as reading numerous books from authors such as Erich von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods), I am intrigued by the theories and findings that this show and various authors purport. The dominate theory of the origin of the pyramids, ancient flying machines, ancient timepieces, and other technologies of antiquity is that these things were developed by or with the influence of extra-terrestrial beings that gave these gifts to infant humanity. The evidence that I have uncovered through my lifelong esoteric research within the Rosicrucian studies points to a different origin.

To arrive at my stance on the subject, I have studied the works of the German-born Rosicrucian master, Max Hiendel: founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, and have undertaken and am involved in initiate studies within the A.M.O.R.C. organization. Studies of the works of Blavatsky and Rudolph Stiener have also brought to light the truth of ancient mysteries. One can find out that what was once considered myth, is discovered to be reality.

Socrates had quoted “Man, know thyself”. Man still does not know himself in this modern age, as he fails, even refuses to see the truth of his origin and history upon this world. A large part of this is due to science. Science has, and continues to reject the existence of the non-physical worlds in which man simultaneously exists. Additionally religion, which has often been controlled by a few dominant organizations, has hidden profound spiritual truths for control of the populace.

Man fails to have faith in himself: because of structures of pyramids, Stone Henge, and other monolithic structures, we do not yet understand how they were built. Without considering the history of the loss of knowledge throughout the ages – and this has happened frequently, people assume that such feats could not have possibly been undertaken by humans. To add to this belief, ancient carvings and paintings have been discovered, and interpreted to represent beings from another physical world. On the contrary, many of this ancient artwork simply represents human attributes of higher spiritual and occult power held by those that have achieved mastership of hidden knowledge, or it represents people of advanced civilization from another part of the Earth. We have seen throughout our history that when an advanced civilization makes contact with a more primitive population, often the former is revered as celestial beings or “gods”. It must be remembered that this had happened between Cortez and the native people of the Americas.

Let us reference the picture above. Like many other cave and rock paintings from antiquity, depicted is a luminous being with a glow around its head or body. I am not denying the possibility of that as a representation of an alien being, but it could be a representation of an illumined human such as a shaman, holy man, or an initiate of the mysteries – the keepers of sacred knowledge. I do believe that in most instances, these paintings are a witness of our most spiritually evolved leaders.

As for the monoliths from ancient times that puzzle the most experienced engineers, let it be remembered that the history that we have now is not the complete history of humanity: it is only the latest chapter in over a billion year-long evolution on this planet. Many of these ancient engineering feats were produced by man himself; via long-lost spiritual and esoteric knowledge that is gained and then lost with every round of human existence. Before this present round of existence and history as we know it, there existed a previous time of human existence on this earth that had reached the technological state we now know – and much more. And another round before that – and others before that. Each round, man gains a new start in a different level of material and spiritual existence, progressing through the few tens of thousands of years of that round, and eventually reaches the pinnacle of development. At that pinnacle, man has evolved his mortal body and mind to an extent that a change in the Earth’s topology and climate was needed to Retrieved from humanity’s continued evolution so he could gain more knowledge and experience. Hence,  every round is ended with a type of cataclysm that “wipes the slate clean” and eliminates most of the physical populace of the Earth, to begin again with a new round with a new Earth and a new atmosphere for the more evolved human to pick up where he left off in the previous “day”. Just like the child who studies at school and progresses from grade to grade with intermittent rests in between, so does the race of humanity progress through the various stages of existence on this great mother, the Earth.

Ancient flying machines have often been mentioned in the study of ancient aliens. This is a true occurance, as our ancestors have discovered the secret of flight – but not from alien science. In his book, Atlantis, Rudolph Stiener, one of the top mystic seers of the 19th century explains through reading the Akashic records that our ancient forefathers of the previouse round (particularly the nation of Atlantis) had developed flying machines. These machines were powered by the now-forgotten power source contained in the seed. How it was done, we do not now know. But it did involve a more internal knowledge of the inner and higher forces of life and vital life force (VLF).

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2 Responses to Ancient Aliens: an esoteric view

  1. Eyegates says:

    I was surfing the net when I found your very well thought out page. Your enthusiasm to seek truth is refreshing.

    Aliens are not so alien. Something that might be meditated on is also mans future ability to push the envelope of time and space.

    It should also be taken into consideration that ancient man in his less dense vessel had true to life visions of what it would be to travel into the heavens and marked his imaginative thoughts down. Man has become so dense today that he has underestimated our ancient fathers astounding abilities to create with the mind.

    I really want to encourage you in this exciting page you have created. The loading speed was quite slow, but nonetheless well worth the wait.



    • Sedulus says:

      Thank you for the comment, EG. Yes we were able, in ages past when we had a finer vehicle, to see and function in the higher worlds. I know we shall function primarily in the finer vehicles once again after the next couple of rounds!

      I have just transferred this site to the servers, instead of running it on my home office’ 3Mb/s business DSL line. It should respond much faster now…

      Peace Profound,

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