Why secrecy of knowlege?

It is necessary and prudent that high and sacred things not be exposed to the vulgar to be perverted or profaned by them. By vulgar, it is meant those who are materially minded: those that do no follow ethical ideals and are dedicated to Man’s lower nature – sensualist, selfishness, and the uncontrolled fulfillment of base desires. If individuals such as this were to acquire parts of sacred knowledge,  that knowledge could be used in harmful (selfish) ways unto our fellow man. Look at our history: throughout our evolution governments and leaders often have abused and subjugated people. There is little doubt that many men of power would use secret knowledge to do this, all for personal gain. Such is the current, primitive state of the most humanity in this age.

To prevent esoteric truth being prostituted, it is necessary to communicate it via secret organizations that follow ethical and moral statutes that will ensure the safety and ethical use of sacred knowledge. There are numerous organizations that exist that keep the keys to this.

A lot of sacred knowledge is to be found in the religious scriptures that many of us read frequently, but the secrets are not recognized, as the secrets are written as allegories and parables. Examples of this from the Jewish and Christian theologies would be: The Tower of Babel, the Garden of Eden, David and Goliath, Jesus and Nicodemus, Matthew 16: 13-14. Most of the stories in Genesis are allegories: symbolic stories that are recognized as great spiritual truths to the initiated, but mere fable to the profane, or those of the material world.

Where are the keys to understanding these esoteric truths to be found? They are to be found in the modern mystery schools such as A.M.O.R.C. (Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rose Cross). There are numerous others, and it is up to the reader to determine which path is to be taken. One’s intuition will be the deciding factor.

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