The New World Order: they are going about it the wrong way

Annuit Coeptis – Prosper us in our daring.

Novus Ordo Seclorum – New Order of the Ages.

This seal is a symbol of the great plan: the great work that humanity has undertaken in his evolution. Many have misinterpreted it to mean the rule of the illuminati or one-world governmental control of the world’s monetary system. unfortunately, there is a plan by the elite to implement world control of nations via the world banking system, but this is not the true plan. Let us examine the details of this symbol. The Roman numerals at the bottom of the pyramid state the date of the formation of the young United States. The pyramid signifies the populace, and the all-seeing-eye (the capstone) signifies the supreme God – the Cosmic source of all. The capstone is not set onto the pyramid, as the work is not complete: humanity has not yet reached the level of re-integration with the true will of the creator. “The eye is that of the Supreme Celestial power, and although it overshadows America, it will not become a part of the pyramid, and therefore the true heart and Soul of the American people, until the final battle is won” (Bruington, 2002). Humanity is still in the state of ignorance of his true self and destiny. America is to become the nation of the Elect – the creation of the planned Earthly paradise. The Founding Fathers who created this symbol were well aware of the esoteric work behind it all. All had ties to the brotherhood of FreeMasons and the Rosicrucians – the entities that guide our civilization towards re-integration and out of the forest of errors.

US president George Bush Sr. spoke of the formation of a “New World Order”. By this statement, we are aware that the rulers do know of the Great Work, but there are powerful financial interests that are influencing legislation and twisting the work into a global financial monopoly which will only imprison the classes into servitude by financial debt and taxation.

It is interesting that this is happening at this time; as we are on the edge of a global change – a change that will cleanse the world and erase the political machinations that are delaying the realization of the Golden Age to come. Look at the changes in the Middle East: people are realizing the way of Democracy – a fundamental element of a plan that promotes personal responsibility and equality. This great change also includes a change in the consciousness of the populace. We now see the beginning of this. We are, although roughly, on the path of the Great Work towards re-integration and the setting of the Capstone.


Bruington, Eugene J. 2002. Creating the New World. p21. The Manisis Chronicles. Philosophical Publishing Company. Quakertown, PA. USA.

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1 Response to The New World Order: they are going about it the wrong way

  1. Ryan G. says:

    Man can not serve two masters it’s God or money. Not God and money.

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