What happens when we pass away pt1

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Subject: What Happens To Us After We Pass Away?

This tells us what we may experience after leaving
the physical.

The following is an excerpt from her book, A World
An Example of an Nonspiritual Person’s Dea-h Experience.
Let us take as an example a person who is so sure that there is no G-d and no hereafter that he treats others badly while on Earth and he feels no moral obligation to lend a helping hand or to be a decent citizen. When he makes the transition he is angry and tempestuous as he finds himself in a situation of his own making,
surrounded by other greedy s-uls who, because they are in like situation, welcome him gleefully to  the h-ll that they have created for themselves. He is shocked. These are not the type of people he wants to associate with. They are fiendish and ill-mannered, whereas he has been a stiff-necked, educated, and polished man, although he never gave thought to anyone but himself. He tries to break out of the fiendish group, but
they surround him. He calls for help, but no one with a better nature can enter the group to save him. He has dug his own grave, so to speak, and is allowed to lie in it for a while.  He is utterly miserable, for he now begins to see the folly of his ways but does not know how to
avert his fate. He is left there until his own remorse for s-nful ways begins to penetrate his being and he acknowledges to himself that he wasted a lifetime, a rare privilege, by thinking only of himself. After he reaches full repentance he is then able to free himself of the unrepentant creatures around him, and for a long time thereafter he searches his own
sou- to review the past mistakes. This is sometimes a long, drawn-out process because
he will have to make his way alone. Only he is able to assess his wrongs and seek forgiveness, although there are many here willing to lend a hand whenever he reaches out to them for it.
The description of the above person’s de-th experience sounds uncannily similar to the near-dea-h experience by http://www.near-death.com/storm.html Rev. Howard S-orm whom I profile on this website. Ruth Montgomery revealed the above information about
a decade before Howard St-rm’s experience. Comparing the two accounts reveals a strange synchronicity that goes well beyond coincidence in my opinion. Also, it is extremely unlikely that Howard Sto-m made up his experience based on the above description. Once you read his experience, you will see why.

An Example of a Murderer’s Deat- Experience.
What of a murderer who deliberately k-lls another for his personal gain or satisfaction? This is not a pretty story. Full of hatred or vengeance, he expects to find nothing when he passes through the door called “dea-h”, and for a long time that is usually what he finds – nothing. He is in a state like unto d-ath for a goodly while, until at last something arouses
him, and he wakens to find out that the he-l he had every reason to expect is indeed awaiting him. It is not goblins and d-vils that he sees, but visions of his own face distorted by hatred, greed, malice, and  other defeating emotions. He cringes from the sight, realizing that he sees himself thus, that he himself was possessed of a de-il, and that except for his baser nature he would have been able unaided to cast him forth. He is appalled as he
realizes that he wasted  a lifetime of opportunity. Not for him is enrollment in the temple of wisdom or the higher school of learning. This s-ul will stay in torment for a long, long time,
until he believes himself to be totally lost. When he eventually reaches this pit of despair, he may at last cry out to Go- to rescue him and that wail of despair is heard by -od. Other so-ls are sent to ease his suffering, and if his will is truly uplifted toward s-iritual development, he will slowly, slowly, slowly begin to work himself upward until he has learned the penalties for taking another’s life which was given by G-d.
When he is sufficiently strong to do so, he will accost the person whose life he took, and their reaction is such as to ring bells in paradise; for, as likely as not, the other sou- has conquered self to such an extent that he has already forgiven the suffering -oul who cut short his span of physical life. This forgiveness uplifts the murderer to such an extent that he is gradually able to take his place in the society of other so-ls and finally to learn some of the lessons of salvation. Remember that a sou- on this side, just as on your side, is never without help from -od and the good so-ls whom Go- created in his own image. Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you. That is the law of
the universe. Ask, receive; knock, open the door of your mind and let the rays of universal love flow in.
An Example of a Drug Addict’s De-th Experience,
People who die as an alcoholic can hover around people on Earth who drink too much, lusting after the pleasures of alcoholism yet unable to break the bond of habit which bound  them to their physical bodies. The same with heavy smokers or d-ug users, there or here, or the s-x maniacs who take advantage of others to appease the bodily craving for inte-course. This is a very important lesson which we learn on this side. To escape the
perpetual cycle of rebirth into physical form, we must erase the ties, the shackles which bind us to satiation of the physical body. So try to lick the bad habits while on Earth. It is easier by far than to come unloose from them on Earth. Those who neither drink nor smoke nor use dr-gs nor lust after se- will be free of those shackles on the other side.
It is easier while in physical form to break those shackles than it is to undo them on the other side, where no temptations are put in our way. Thus, there is no reward for behaving correctly here in s-irit, because there is nothing to tempt us otherwise. The hard school is in the physical one, and there it is there that we must meet and overcome the temptations.
The above example of drug addict’s afterlife experience is strikingly similar to what http://www.near-death.com/ritch.html

George R-tchie observed during his near-death experience.

Although Ri-chie’s experience occurred in the 1940’s, it was not published until the  mid-1980’s. This was well after Ruth Montgomery published the above account. Again, the similarities of both of these accounts is such that it goes beyond coincidence. To my mind, they both affirm the truth of these similarly described experiences.

Part 1.

John Winston. johnfw@mlode.com

Ruth Montgomery (1913 – 2001), a past p-esident of the
prestigious National Press Club, began her career as a
Washington DC reporter.
She wrote a book about the world-renowned p-ychic,
Jeanne Dixon, called
A Gift of Prophecy. Jeanne Dixon was the ps-chic who
warned Pr-sident K-nnedy not to go to Dallas on that
fateful day.
Her book on Jeanne Dixon was very successful
and Ruth began looking further into the paranormal
phenomenon. She soon discovered that she had
the gift of
“automatic writing” by which she could
communicate with various deceased personalities.
Despite all the ridicule and criticism, she was able
to c-hannel a great deal of information from the other
side, specifically from her deceased friend, the
famous spiritualist and medium,
Arthur Ford. Ford was the psy-hic who successfully
revealed Houdini’s s-cret code from the other side.
There was controversy with this, but it was never
proven that Ford received this message any other
way. From beyond the grave, Montgomery received
startling answers to questions about life after d-ath,
such as: What happens after de-th?
Where do we go? What is it like over there? Ruth
Montgomery documented these revelations in a
series of book:
World Beyond,
The World to Come,
The World Before
Search for the Truth,
“Born to Heal
Aliens Among Us
Here and Hereafter
Threshold to Tomorrow,
Companions Along the Way
Herald of the New A-e, and
Strangers Among Us.

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