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Subject: What Will Happen To Us When We Pass Away.
Part 2 of 2.  Dec. 15, 2010.

An Example of a Baby’s Death Experience

Let’s take the case of a  baby newly born into the flesh who, after a brief struggle for life, withdraws back into the spirit state. The baby had wanted life,
to be sure, and most likely had helped to select its parents, but what happened to alter the circumstances? Sometimes a s-ul enters a body so weakened by malformation that it will not sustain life, but more often it is the s-irit which withdraws which results
in the d-ath of the baby. Let us take as an example a baby born into a lovely home where he is greatly desired but who lives only a few days, weeks, or months before the so-l departs the body. That baby’s sou- most certainly had something to do with the decision to withdraw. Perhaps at first there was a reluctance to enter the human body, or the spi-it became convinced that that particular body was not the proper vehicle for working out the that obstructed its spiri-ual growth. At any rate, the baby’s -oul was absent from the spir-t world for such a brief period that little readjustment to the -pirit world is necessary. Once again the -oul takes stock of what has just occurred and assesses why it gave up the opportunity to become flesh again in order to solve its karmic problems. The baby’s so-l was not a baby, at least in the spi-it world because all sou-s have been in existence from the beginning of time, although some of them are more highly ev-lved, far wiser and more meaningful than others as a result of experiences here on Earth states. No one in the spi-it world is a baby. The baby we used as an example above went back to the spir-t world after a brief struggle as a baby in arms.

The heart had been damaged in the physical body and therefore could not sustain life. The
sou- was disappointed at first when it returned here because babyhood is by no means an ideal existence, he had nevertheless chosen parents whom he loved and surroundings where he felt that he would be able to repay some karmic indebtedness. That this opportunity was denied him by physical limitations speaks itself of karmic patterns, for this sou- now realizes that it’s most recent life it ended the life of a new baby through neglect of its needs. Thus, although this was a life that he greatly wanted to complete, he had to

make amends by withdrawing from that seemingly ideal situation. The so-called baby returns in the sp-rit world and after a brief period of adjustment, is ready to begin again in the temple of wisdom to learn how to resume the ascent toward the ideal of oneness with G-. Because he has been gone from the spirit world only briefly, he needs little re-instruction, but if he had been a physical baby for two or three years, there would be so-ls in the sp-rit world ready to help him adjust psychologically to bring him out of the baby syndrome and into adulthood again.

An Example of a Fundamentalist Preacher’s D-ath

ExperienceLet’s take the case of a man of the cloth, a Billy Sunday-type who preaches h-llfire and brimstone and believes every bit of the Good Book literally. He dies, and after the first shock of discovering that Go- is not sitting on a throne surrounded by angels,
he begins exhorting people here to repent before it is too late. He thinks that this is a very brief interlude until he adjusts, and that the rest of us are probably lost so-ls who lack the righteousness to advance into -od’s waiting arms. His sermons here actually do draw sou-s who hunger for the kind of h-aven that their finite minds had conceived, and they think
that this Billy Sunday-type will lead them rapidly to the promised land. They throng to his sermons and shout “Amen,” while he tells them that within a very short time they will all advance into he-ven with a retinue of angels playing harps. ‘Amen’, they shout
again, and are grateful that one of their own, at last, has arrived to open the gates of the temple. This preacher, who we’ll call Billy, at first rants and exhorts, demanding to know of the older sou-s around here how he can find the way to the throne of Go-, because he honestly believes that it is being concealed from him in some mysterious way. At last the old -ouls gather around and explain to Billy that he is preaching a false doctrine; that hea-en is within each man, and so is his private he-l; that he has arrived, and nothing
is being hidden from him. It is up to him to begin work on his own spir-tual advancement, and he is retarding the progress of others by misleading them with false hopes of a promised land. For this is the promised land, and we make of it what we will through our own endeavors. Wiser heads, so to speak, take Billy in hand, because he is a good but misguided sou-. They suggest that he attend a temple of wisdom for a time to have his eyes opened to the one truth; that all of us are -od, and that until all have realized this basic truth, none of us will advance beyond the basic state of man.
When we grasp the idea that each of us is as much a part of G-d as any other person, then we are able to spread the good word, which is that by helping these other parts of Go- we advance together to a higher realm of awareness, the veils drop from our eyes, and

we are able to see exactly where and why we are here. Helping others is the watchword. Billy begins to grasp a glimmering of this universal law, and before long he is zealously spreading this word to others much as he was preaching hel-fire and brimstone before. Basically he is an excellent so-l, but through mistaken principles he was spreading a false line. Now he spreads the truth with the same eloquence, and soon he begins to assess his previous earthly existence, seeing where he misled others by not opening his own eyes and listening to the persuasive arguments of those who were less orthodox than he was when he held his close-minded beliefs. He is eager to undo the damage he has done, and through other ministers of like f-ith in the physical bodies he implants seeds of wisdom which, if placed in fertile soil, begin to sprout roots and spread truth among the misinformed. Because he is basically a fine -oul, he will advance more rapidly here than those who knew the truth while in the physical state but failed to work as hard as this s-ul has done to uplift and help others.

A C-urch Lady’s De-th Experience
Today we will look into the heart and mind of a woman who believes that she is of saintly qualities and who expects to be transported directly to the arms of G-d. She fears nothing so much as having others in higher places of authority and is determined to impress Saint
Peter with her virtuous ways so that no mistake will be made at the judgment throne. She awakens on this side and looks about her for the pearly gates through which she will enter after admission by Saint Peter. All she observes is a platform on which sprawls an old
so-l who has been on this plane since eons past. Mistaking him for Saint Peter, she approaches and says, “Look here, sir. I am Mary Blunk and I wish to be taken to -od.”
The old soul look pityingly at her and suggests that she rest awhile, but she will not hear of it. She had been sick in the physical body, and now that she has shed it she is full of anticipation for her seat beside the Father. She will brook no delay, so the old sou- motions for her to pass along, and soon she arrives at a gate that is not nearly as magnificent as that which she was expecting. There is no lock and no gatekeeper, so she passes through and begins an ascent along a garden path. Flowers are blooming in profusion, but she pays
them little heed, since she is bent on reaching the seat of G-d as quickly as possible.
Along the way she encounters others who are either ascending or descending the path. Our

heroine nods but rushes along, hoping to pass some of those who are toiling up the path ahead of her. Those who descend, she assumes, are rejected ones who are on their way to he-l. Pushing past those ahead of her, she eventually reaches a high stage and assumes that on top of it she will find -od awaiting her with open arms. Now she adjusts her hair and clothing. She feels them reassuringly, for the raiment here is as real to her as that which she washed on Mondays at home. She glimpses a handsome young man and, assuming him to be an a-gel, asks sweetly, “Will you announce me, please, because I am in a hurry to bow my head at the knees of G-d.” The young man slowly surveys the scene and finally replies, “But, madam, some of the newly arrived so-ls are still plodding up the hill which you have climbed.” She impatiently requests that he address Go- for her so that she will not have to wait in the long line that is approaching. The young man smiles and says, “But, madam, how will you be s-ved until all those others who struggle upward are also rescued from the abyss below?” The woman replies that she has nothing to do with them, since they are all strangers to her. Finally another man approaches her, and she seems vaguely to recognize him as the old beggar down the street who was always holding out a tin cup when she hurried past his corner.

Part 2 of 2.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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