I am…

I am a child of the universe: a microcosm. That which is above is reflected in my being: light and darkness, peace and discord, fire and air, evil and good. Evil is the product of ignorance: the result of a lack of knowledge and understanding. To overcome this is a long quest that will take many days.

I consist of atoms, molecules, cells (consisting of a nucleus and surrounding bodies), tissues consisting of millions of cells, separate biological systems that act in unison. Not only physical, but consisting of a consciousness that is not of this world: a spirit of intelligence that is a part of the divine – my true self. I am here for a temporary physical existence to gain experience in the world of material form. I learn to interact with other living beings and to create form out of the mineral world; this gives form to the lowest life wave (the mineral kingdom) and helps in that kingdom’s progression. I work with plants and cultivate their progression as well as the animal kingdom. The highest physical life wave on this planet, the human kingdom, is responsible for the care of all.

While still asleep (ignorant of his true nature and self), man fights himself – not realizing the interconnectedness of all things. When one is hurt, it effects all. Look at a string of lights: each bulb is connected to a main conduit – without connection to that conduit, the bulb will cease to function. The same is with humans: we are all souls connected to a universal soul. This explains many instances of subconcious communication or “hunches” that we feel regarding another person.

About Steve J

M.A. Information Systems
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