As above, so below

We are the microcosm. Look into the clear night sky and observe the process of creation first hand. One will see the process of cycles at work: stars being born and stars dying – producing nebulea of gas and dust: the building blocks of matter that eventually condenses into new solar systems through the force of gravity, within the galaxy.  The word microcosm, means a microscopic image of the macro – the universe. We indeed are a micro-reflection of the universe, as shown in modern science: the atom is surrounded by electron orbits, the cell contains a nucleous which is surrounded by lysosme, mitochondrion, vacuole, ribosomes, and other elements. Millions of these microcosms of cells constitute our bodies; in image of the universe, which is a conglomeration of smaller elements and forces. IG360_06_ss Look through a telescope and observe the galaxies; and you will observe that they consist of millions of stars, planets, dark matter, gravitaitional forces and other forces of varying frequencies and wavelengths. The galaxies in turn, are organized within galactic clusters. Groups of galactic clusters are then found within the universe. This goes on – above the finite human comprehension. We are directly related to the cosmos; as we are the microcosm.

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